Services in Library and Archive

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Now, we turn to the range of services offered to users by library. There are several main services that provide in the library. As we know, this services that they offer are focused on customer satisfaction. Therefore, there are based on a judgment of what their customer need and want.
First of all, library provides services on lending books to their customers. Today, library fulfills many aspects of their leisure and educational roles through lending services. Initially, the lending function of libraries was confined to books, as library stock consisted only of the books. For example, in PTAR library have established that the lending of books to undergraduate students, postgraduates students, research students and staff, distance learner and lecturers. The lending function has always had to strike a balance between the educational and the leisure and recreational functions of library services. During the first half of the 20th century, circulating libraries such as those in Boots and the Chemist played a large role in serving the recreational needs of readers. Wit...

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