Security Failures

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Most robberies are easy to do because the security guard does not care if the artwork, money, or anything thing else is stolen because it is not his. Some security guards do take their job seriously and try their best to keep the valuables safe. But they do not have the training to do so. Why is security at major events or places so lax?
The security cameras in some major events do not even work! Why are the cameras not working, because most security guards that are not well-trained have no interest in it only the money? “Seven out of 43 security cameras were not functioning.” (A bad night at the museum, Toronto Star) Also why is the surveillance of the major places not well covered? That is why at airports the security there has become so intense that they use scanners that see straight through your clothes. At a museum there should also be those types of security measures not that intense but they should always be working 24/7. “Each painting in the museum has an alarm. Not a single alarm for any painting is working.” (A bad night at museum, Toronto Star) “A glance told the tale: a dark night, a ladder, and a shattered window.” (Dolnick7) Even if major places have great security even they can be thrown off by a simple trick that they should not fall for. “When Willy Banks the casino owner wants a new golden phone for himself. The boys make him one that has a magnetron in it, which will shut down his security system including the surveillance. Also trapping him inside of the basement room until the shutdown completes.” (Soderbegh2007)
The pay of some security guards may also affect how well they do their job. If they were paid a healthy amount then they would take their job more seriously because they would not want to lose t...

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... people that protect the artwork that cannot be replaced. “An art thief robbed the Dutch museum of arts so easily he filed to sue the museum for it being so easy to rob.”(Art thief threatens to sue) That should never happen to any museum that the very thief who robbed them sues them.
The underlining topic is that security guards at major events do not take their job seriously, and are only doing it for the pay. They do not even know what they are securing from the public to take, which they can anyways if they try because of the poor security. The background checks of these guards are minimal and the employers do not care if they have an education or not. If the security force at all major events or places would be taken more seriously the artwork that has been alive for hundreds of years will finally rest in safety, as will the peoples life’s and other artifacts.

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