Security At Columbine High School

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Do we need an extra pair of eyes?

For many years, school security has quite a history to tell. On April 20, 1999, two students at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado killed twenty-three students and teachers and wounded at least twenty other students. Those two students killed themselves approximately 12:08 pm. SWAT teams arrived forty-seven minutes later after the shooting started. Law enforcement said the school to be under control after five hours. Before the school shooting happened at Columbine High School, the school would always practice lockdown drills. Still, twenty-three students and teachers died and twenty other students were injured. Nowadays, metal detectors, cameras, and more technology have been …show more content…

First, armed guards at schools can provide security to students so they feel safe. According to Patrick Kissane, executive director of the New Jersey Association of School Resource Officers, on NY Times, “praised East Brunswick’s decision, but said that it was crucial that the police officers be able to work with teenagers. They’re there as a mentor, as a role model, and they’re building relationships,” said Mr. Kissane, who is also deputy chief of the Fort Lee Police Department. The officers will not necessarily be assigned to a specific post, but rather move in different areas, and be a visible presence, talking to students and teachers and other staff.” If police officers can build a relationship with students, they can better know what is going in the school, and they will be more familiar with any problems that arise and assure the students, teachers and other staff that they are safe. Also, students will learn to be more comfortable with police officers and won't be afraid to say anything that is going on. It is a good thing that police officers are role models because it shows kids what to do. Police officers are also mentors because if a student feels like …show more content…

Security helps protect students, teachers and other staff from dangerous interaction with outsiders. Over the years, security has been paid more attention to and has improved in the technology area as well. Overall, more security is being used technology wise and more security is used more for extra men too. Security is being implemented in schools and results show that security is protecting so many students, teachers and other staff from dangerous incidents, therefore security must be increased in schools. Regardless, security in schools make a safe environment for everyone and everyone feels safe. Why would anyone want the students, teachers and other staff to suffer from outside encounters just because there is not enough

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