Search and Seizure

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Although people in the United States are entitled to privacy and freedom there is a limit to that privacy. State or federal officers are allowed where justified to search your car, house, property in order to seize illegal items such as drugs, illegal weapons, stolen goods just to name a few. When the police do searches it can be for various reasons it depends on the situation. They can have a search warrant to go into a premises and confiscate illegal paraphernalia or when doing a routine traffic stop an officer might become suspicious of activity that is not normal and conduct a search of the vehicle to see why the driver is not acting normal. When conducting searches it is required sometimes to get a warrant which is a document that gives authority to the police to go and search for what they are looking for or for what they believe they might find. In order to get a warrant they have to go to a judge and show him proof at which he looks at and decides weather or not a warrant should be issued which he/she bases on the 4th Amendment which is “The right of the people...

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