Science and morality

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Progression is a natural occurrence in human life as well as society. Natural curiosity, coupled with a desire for self improvement, has propelled mankind into the age of science and technology. As society progresses, so, too, does human life continue to advance and improve. Medical advances have allowed humans to overcome disease and illness, and ultimately prolog human life. For example, the success of stem cell research has granted doctors the resources to replace damaged cells and begin to repair severe injuries. The amount of scientific progress making its way into society is astounding. However, eventually the question emerges, how far should these advancements be allowed to continue? And at what point do humans bypass medical need to such advances and begin to strip themselves of their humanity? The question of how far humans should allow science to penetrate the natural makeup of humans is delicate, and not one that will result in an unanimous opinion. Yet, before humans can address this subject, they must question whether or not they have the right to alter nature to any extent.

Human technology is constantly evolving, and with it society and medicine must follow suit. Every year, new breakthroughs in the field of medicine award mankind with a few more years of immortality. Scientists are constantly working to solve problems that once posed the threat of imminent death. Over two hundred years ago, the vaccine for Smallpox—one of the world’s deadliest killers—was discovered in 1796 (“CDC”). Since then, humans have been steadily eradicating every threat to individual health. Only last month, December of 2011, researchers from the University of Western Ontario revealed a new HIV vaccine that has been approved for human te...

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...ery with the purpose of improving humanity. Scientific exploration is a key component in society, and it will continue to forge a pathway for new possibilities for advancement. However, humans also have an obligation to morality, and must remain cautious of and aware of the developments taking place. Mankind has chosen to combine natural evolution with technological progress, and with that choice comes a responsibility. If humans are to improve themselves physically, they must maintain an equal moral balance in order to preserve humanity as it was intended.

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