Science Fiction Essay

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Science Fiction, the fortune teller of the future Science fiction, the fortuneteller of the future. Science Fiction is a type of a fiction that is based on a real or imagined technological advancements. Science fiction is known to tell the future throughout the literature of Science fiction. Science fiction was originally introduced to the world by Mary Shelley when she passed her award winning novel “ Frankenstein” in 1831. Science fiction is one the most intriguing subjects because everyone loves it and it helps the reader infer about what will happen in the future and how the world could encounter. Science fiction works as a cautionary tale due to the fact that science fiction illuminates the dangers and conflicts of technology, and portrays the predicaments that occur as the government overpowers the society. Science fiction highlights the dangers and the conflict that occur from technological advancements. The illustration by Palumbo represents how technology is driving people away from conversing and able to socialize with others. Instead of eating together and conversing like family and friends. In the image basically technology is everywhere, a robot is doing their work and they do not talk and are focused on the screen in front of them. The image exclaims how society has digitized almost everything and from this, conflicts could possibly occur from a person not being able to socialize and instead are isolated from society. The technology has isolated the people from reality and trapped them. Science fiction demonstrates how society has slowly gained an addiction to technology and soon enough they adapt so much to technology that technology does all the work for society. Slowly in present reality everyone is doing the... ... middle of paper ... ...o powerful that they arrest a man for walking outside by himself. The author portrays how the government is so controlling in the future that a man is arrested for walking outside by himself. The government is becoming overpowering in reality as well, the government is taking away rights for some people when they are denied the bill of rights. The government becomes too controlling at some point such as arresting people for ridiculous reasons. The world is intrigued with science fiction due to the fact that it tells the future arising problems. Science fiction represents the conflicts that occur from technology and how an overpowering government could empower society. Science Fiction signifies how through literature the future can be told. Sci fi exclaims how the society can fix what's happening in today's world to stop the future from trembling through our choices.
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