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Salty tears of frustration streamed down my checks into the steaming mineral water that surrounded me. No one noticed; no one cared. I was just another stranger in the crowd drifting along in Glenwood Pool. There was only one difference; I was alone. Everyone else in the pool seemed to have someone, and everywhere I looked couples were kissing! If someone had been surveying the whole thing they would have found happiness in every corner ... then they would have seen me; sulking in my corner of the pool with fat, old, wrinkly, bald men swimming past me repeatedly. I let out a withered sigh, which caused me to choke in the middle of yet another sob. I had had enough. I weakly pulled myself out of the pool and walked to my towel. I grabbed the huge, orange and white stripped thing and wrapped it around my shivering body, hoping to find some warmth and comfort; but even my monstrous beach towel could not cut the chill I felt inside. I started to walk to the changing room past the hundred faces I knew nothing of, but by now were familiar. I had searched each face a hundred times hoping to see someone I knew. Finally, I realized that I knew none of them, and the person I was looking for just wasn't coming. A little boy with a toothless smile came running toward me. I stopped him and gave him my water slide tickets. He gave me a smile that said I had given him the world and ran away squealing after his daddy. I sighed again and thought, "Well, at least he's happy!" My throat tightened as I swallowed another sob. I quickened my pace to the changing room. I wanted to get away from this place as soon as possible. I opened the door and walked in. The smell of sulfur, soap, and shampoo assaulted my nostrils, while the sight of naked wom... ... middle of paper ... ...seen. Three hours I had waited by myself in the pool, but Thomas had never come. I walked to my locker, retrieved my things, and headed for the shower. All I wanted was to get away from the pain I felt. The car was hot and stuffy when I slipped back into the driver's seat. I found the most depressing music I owned and drove out of Glenwood as the sun started to set. Two more hours until I was home, two more hours of thinking what a terrible day I had gone through, and two more hours of cussing myself for being so naïve. The drive was a long one. On the way home, tears of frustration again stung my eyes. There was no stopping them. Another "being stood up" mark was added to the ever growing list. This one had pierced my heart and the resolve of my soul was to never date again. Thus, the book of dating was slammed shut and the key sank to the bottom of the pool.
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