Saying Goodbye to My Grandfather

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I do not know how many drafts I have written, nor do I know how many hours I have spent pondering this one essay prompt. “Who are you?” It’s a question we are often asked, but the answer to this question is one that everyone struggles with. To explain what changes not only by days, but by seconds, is a near impossible task. There are so many events that occur during life that changes who we are. It is during these events, however, that our strengths shine through. Although I am a typically more introverted person, there is one key event that has recently occurred that I am not scared to share. My grandparents have raised me for my entire life along with my oldest brother and sister. My mother entrusted me to my grandparents care when I was born because she wasn’t ready for a child. This has always confused me, as I am the third of eight children. I discovered not too long ago that she never wanted to have me, and, through Facebook, she told me she hated me. I never realized how much I yearned for a mother’s love until I realized I would never get it. Thankfully, my grandparents were there for me. They have given me more than I ever could have asked for. I am ashamed to admit it took a lot for me to realize how fortunate I was to be placed in their care. My childhood was blessed, I grew up assuming that my grandparents would always be there for me. Up until last year, they have been the ones taking care of me and helping me move forward. Until one day at the end of my junior year of high school, when my family received possibly the worst news yet. My grandfather has always seemed like the strongest man to me, I thought nothing could make him appear weak, and that’s why it came as such a shock to me when he was diagnosed with ca... ... middle of paper ... ...d onto Azusa’s campus. I felt like I belonged, and it was another moment in my life where I realized that my family extends to those who make me feel supported. APU and the students I met during my stay on campus gave me that support. To me, Azusa Pacific means hope. Hope for my future, hope for a life where I can grow even further in my education and in myself. My grandparents mean the world to me, but they, too, know that I will be living in Azusa coming next Fall. Now it is my chance to give back to my grandparents. For all that they have done for me, it is time I show them that their parenting has paid off. After thirty nine years of parenting, they have earned a break and I know that being able to send me off to college will give them a nice vacation. I am honored to be known as their granddaughter and even prouder to be able to say I will be an alumni at APU.
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