Sartre Analysis: Human Beings Are Forlorn

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Human Beings are forlorn Sartre argument is basically him saying that we choose to be who we are. That man has freedom to do what they please. Human beings can re-create ourselves, and choose what meaning life has. Sartre basically says that we are responsible for our own actions, because man is free. Man cannot blame morals or society for what actions man does. There are no excuses for what anyone does because man is condemned to be free. Man creates who they are. Therefore man is responsible for their own actions. Later on he explains that because man is free they are forlorn. He says, “Forlornness implies that we ourselves choose our being” (Sartre). Just by that quote he seems to say that we are forlorn because we choose who we are. Since…show more content…
One reason I agree is because without no god life does not have that deeper meaning that most humans search for. Without that deeper meaning there is a void in a person. Since there is a void in someone that leads them to unhappiness until they can find that deeper meaning they have been searching for. If someone cannot find deeper meaning from religion or a god then their life has no purpose. To some people that would be depressing, because then what do they shoot for in life? Some people would just sit there and not try, and others can go out and live it. For what would they be living for though? If there is no god and no afterlife a life of excitement is pointless, because then there is nothing after that fun. This makes it all pointless if someone went out and live it would be meaningless. Where is the meaning in life without something after life? Especially for those who do not leave an imprint in lives there life is completely meaningless, because even if they live their whole life living it with excitement when they will not be remembered or have mattered. If something does not matter that makes it meaningless therefore if someone does nothing that makes an impact they are meaningless. This makes their life meaningless because everything in their life serves no purpose. Even if they were good and did everything right while having fun. Without an afterlife or god that makes life meaningless. Even with the freedom that we have life without believing in a god is forlorn, because freedom is not happiness. Freedom is for us to be ourselves no matter what anyone or anything says. Even with that freedom of allowing us to be us. It still does not make anything better. We has humans are forlorn because we are who we are. Our choices and beliefs are what make us who we are. Therefore we are forlorn as
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