Sang Kuriang Hunts

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The story happens when goddess freely come to earth and roam around while they were bored in kähɣangan which at that time people call it heaven. Hyang Krian and Wayung Jelita were a lover among other goddess which serves heaven king, Sang Hyang Rajha inside KäHYANGAN castle. One night they were caught wandering around on earth neglecting their job. The king was so furious and they were punished and banished from the land of god to roam the earth with their four legs. HYANG KRIAN was cursed to be a black furious looking dog while WAYUNG JELITA became a lovely deer. Sang Hyang Rajha promise he would permit them back if they spend their time on earth doing good thing and helping people, also seamlessly doing SEMEDI and TIRAKAT as a prayer to redeem their faults. And they should not reveal themselves to anyone until they debt subsided. Hyang Krian and WAYUNG JELITA were separated when they cast to the earth. HYANG KRIAN was sent around KäHURIPAN kingdom while WAYUNG JELITA lives in a jungle. The kingdom was ruled by a SħAKTI king named SUNGGING PURBAKARA. The king loves to hunts alone. He hunts the entire TANAH JAWA until MAJAPAHIT kingdom. One day when he hunts, he was tracking down a boar which size almost as big as him. But somehow, the boars seem two-step ahead of him. During the hunting, the king pee on a tree and continue to tracking down the boar. In the afternoon, WAYUNG JELITA as a deer come and ate the leaves around the trees which have some left-over from the SħAKTI king. Suddenly, the deer become pregnant and after 5 months, she delivered a human baby girl. The baby was very beautiful like WAYUNG JELITA when she was still a goddess. She named her Larashati (a crying heart). Fortunate for her, when king PURBAKARA on his... ... middle of paper ... ...ARUM River and a mighty boat over a night. With his KANURAGAN, and all his ethereal creatures help, the river dam and boat were almost finished. Then she appeal to gods and was informed to scat rice seed and pour them in front of her chickens and hen’s cage and force them to wake up. And all the chickens, hens and rooster woke and found their foods on the ground and started chirping and roosting. The ethereal and divine creatures when heard the roosting where afraid the dawn was coming flew to jungle ignoring SANGKURIANG demands. Full with anger, he kicks the boat over and it turned into a mountain called Tangkuban Perahu which literally means a turn-over boat. With a lot of frustration, he tried to find SUMBI, but she was nowhere to be found. SANG HYANG RAJA has transfigured the beautiful woman into EDELLWEIS flowers. BUNGA ABADI. Flowers that will never withered.

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