Same Sex Relationship

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What has the world come to?

This introduces the clarity and resolution of three group’s civil union, traditionalist and liberals. The three groups have different opinions on same-sex relationships but all use a Christian opinion on the topic. Liberals and Traditionalist have been divided between the profound opinions over same-sex relationships. The realization is that the groups will never agree on the issue, but people hope they will find a way to live together. No doubt this issue is causing a division in churches and society. The more neutral group is the civil union it gives more of an open minded argument and shows both sides of the story. Marriage is something understood in the bible and followed by a lot of the society today. All the groups have strong points of views, but they all have different perspectives in the issue over homosexuals and same-sex marriages.

In this section one will be reading on the liberal opinion in the issue on same-sex relationships. The liberals are more susceptible to the reality of the same-sex partners than traditionalist because they believe the church should in courage same sex-couples to be in committed relationships. “Church should encourage same-sex couples to consider the discipline of a lifelong committed relationship as a fulfillment of gods calling”(Ward pg.3). Liberals are more vulnerable to the fact that the church’s may have a mission for the same-sex couples. “There is a sense of exciting theological exploration, a pilgrimage into a brave new world” (Ward pg.1). The writer of the article states that he is “more comfortable with the liberal perspective” (Ward pg.2). It is stated in the bible “it is not appropriate for man [Human] to be alone”. If that is what the bible states, th...

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... benefits to some sex partners and spouses of the same gender.

The issues over same-sex marriage have been going on for a few years now and acceptance of homosexuals in the society. The homosexual hope one day they can be accepted not only by people but the church. They do not want to live there entire life thinking if they are going to hell or heaven. This issue will continue to be in society for more years to come and I could never truly see the homosexual people being accepted by the church because of what the bible says and for the history behind it. It is already enough said that the churches are actually talking about this issue because years ago this issue could not be reference to the Christian world. The bible has all the power on this issue and until they can get past that they will continue living under the same inequalities and respect in this world.
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