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Nearly every person in the world uses salt or some form of a salt as there are many salts in the world. In America alone we use a lot of salt every day we are one of the top salt using countries in the world. Salt has a part in many things in everyone’s daily lives. Salt has many important things to it such as its crystallization, what salt is and ammonia. Each type of crystal has its own properties and shapes. Crystals are an organized arrangement of atoms and molecules. The atoms sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) make up salt crystals and have a cubic shape. A salt solution will contain sodium and chlorine atoms that are separated by water molecules. Crystals are formed when the water evaporates from the solution and the sodium and chlorine atoms start bonding together (Crystallization). According to the background of all-science-fair-projects “Placing a porous material like a sponge, charcoal or broken ceramic in the salt solution helps to draw in the mixture through capillary action”(Science). Crystals are left behind from the porous material’s water evaporating from the surface of it. Evaporation of water is what drives the crystallization process. According to all-science-fair-projects “Placing the solution in a dry place or under a slight breeze will help the crystals to grow faster” 0(Science). Without compounds of sodium life could not exist. In body tissues these compounds hold water, and sodium can cause death when you have a severe deficiency of sodium. Sodium compounds solutions are also found in blood. In the manufacture of chemicals and pharmaceuticals Sodium compounds are used in the production of hundreds of every day products, industry, in metallurgy, and in sodium vapor lamps. Table salt or sodium chloride is one of... ... middle of paper ... be placed in an unstable solution to decompose the free electrons and metal ion which will form metal amide and release hydrogen. Ammonia takes place in many chemical reactions and will react to form strong acids such as stable ammonium salts and ammonium chloride. As well as it forms ammonium nitrate(Ammonia). These are some of the many properties reasons and qualifications for us using sodium in our everyday lives. These are the reasons why sodium is used all around the world to this very day and is also why we use so much of it. Ammonia has an important role in the formation of salt crystallizations which is why it is mentioned in the above paragraph and which so will be used in the experiment that is going to take place to test the importance of ammonia in salt crystallization and to see exactly how the ammonia is going to affect the salt in the end result.

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