Russia's Entry Into the First World War

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Russia's Entry Into the First World War · Since the Russo-Japanese war, Russia's foreign policy was mainly defensive. It joined an alliance with Britain and France to safeguard itself against the Central Powers. · The Central Powers were Germany and Austria-Hungary, since A-H and Serbia were at odds this put Russia as the defender of Serbia in a difficult position. · When Serbian Nationalists assassinated Franz Ferdinand, it was impossible for Russia to avoid going to war as it had a duty to help Serbia once A-H declared war on them. Then they also had to worry about Germany, A-H's ally. · This meant the only option for Russia was to fully mobilise in preparation for a European war. On the 30th July, Russia began to mobilise and by August the 4th Russia was at war with the Central Powers. Russia at War ============= · Although at first Nicholas had doubts about going to war, by the time it has started he was fully behind it. It heightened his position in the country and he became a symbol of national resistance. · Also most of the parties pledged allegiance to the national war struggle instead of concentrating on their policies, except for Lenin for course who condemned "the imperialist war" but he was called a traitor and fled to neutral Switzerland. · If the war had gone well for Russia the Bolsheviks probably wouldn't have survived. Lucky for the Lenin, the war went badly for Russia not only because of the poorly organised Army and incompetent government but also because of it weak economy. · Going to war puts great strain on a country's economy as there is greater demand for everything, and the longer the war lasts the greater this strain. It is good to remember that all 6 countries involved were facing the same kind of strain and only 2 out of the 6 empires survived the war. · This strain proved too much for Russia and by 1917 the war proved to
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