The Change in the Fighting on the Western Front

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The Change in the Fighting on the Western Front The fighting on the Western front did not stay exactly the same between 1914 and 1918. Some aspects of warfare changed little, but some changed a great deal, for example trenches became the main defensive strategy and quick battles with Calvary charges and heavy infantry quite literally became a thing of the past and were replaced with stalemates and week/month/year long trench battles. Another major change was the artillery - at the beginning of the war it was very inaccurate and by the end it was much more precise and powerful. Tanks also proved useful in crushing barbed wire defences although they were very primitive at the beginning and often broke down in the mud. People did not expect the war to develop in the way it did. In 1914 people expected that Britain would win the war and be home by Christmas. In reality the new trench warfare and complicated tactics meant that both alliances held out and battles resulted in stalemate many times. New techniques and equipment were developed after 1914 to tackle these new challenges. There were new artillery and tanks and new tactics to get past trenches and get around barbed wire. At the beginning of the war the artillery was not accurate and often meant that they hit their own trenches before they got the range right. By the end of the war the technology had advanced much more as most factories across Europe had been given over to making guns and shells. These changes meant Calvary were not used as much in fighting and more in transporting materials and supplies. Of course, some things changed less than others. For example, infantry tactics like 'Going over the top' were used throughout the war. This involved attacking the enemy's front lines with heavy artillery none stop (called a Barrage). As soon as this Barrage stopped troops would be given the signal to 'go over the top', this was when the soldiers climbed over the top of the trench and raced to get over the barbed
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