Russian Foreign Policy Paper

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Russia's actions in foreign affairs the European in the next 10 to 20 years will change the world in a comprehensive way. The European Community's disregard for Russia will lead them to find new allies abroad. Russia will ally itself with two of the world's up-and-coming super powers. These will be China and India, the two most populated countries in the world. This tripartite alliance will dominate world affairs because of Russia's technology and political leadership and India and China's will to pursue military and economic agreements with Russia. Russia will not choose to ally itself with these countries but will be forced too because of the European Community's and N.A.T.O.'s treatment of it s a defeated nation. The European Community's lack of respect for Russia in foreign affairs will be the driving force in Russia for it to ally with its Eurasian neighbors. Due to E.U. enlargement eastward, Russia is forced to look east of itself for expansion and opportunities as it faces severely decreasing influence in Europe. The former minister of foreign policy for Russia notes in his book that "Europe's potential for resolving issues of the modern world goes underused" and thinks that siding with Asia and the Middle East may be the smarter way as they "have shown a much higher level of political unity and harmony in key areas" . From this we can see that Russia's views are not in line with the European Union's views, and are more interested in taking up political relations with Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Russia's most recent foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, revealed that Russia does not "aspire to membership in the EU, but we are ready to cooperate in the spheres of economy and external security" (Russia not aspiring to... ... middle of paper ... ...ffairs%20%28Moscow%29&atitle=New%20vistas%20of%20Russia%2DIndia%20cooperation# (Accessed October 23rd, 2005) Gateway to Russia. "Russia not aspiring to join EU" (Accessed on October 15th, 2005) Cohen, Ariel. "War Games: Russia, China Grow Alliance," Heritage Foundation (September 2005), (accessed October 13, 2005). Russet, Bruce and Stam, Allan C. "Courting Disaster: An Expanded NATO vs. Russia and China" Political Science Quarterly No. 113 361-382 Rahm, Juile M. " Russia, China, India: A New Strategic Triangle for a New Cold War?" Parameters no. 31 (2001): 87
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