Rose For Emily

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A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner

Emily was a woman that cannot be described without a the words “ not quite normal”,

and “extra ordinary.” The story, “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner is about one

woman’s life, from her being a teen to her death in her house. The town’s people did not

like her, her family did not like her, but when she died, everybody showed up to Miss

Emily’s Funeral.

The only person to see Emily was her old manservant, a black man that was the cook

and the gardener. The only time that the town would see him was when her went to the

grocery store to shop. He would never talk to anybody while he was there.

The end of her life never saw Emily out of her house. The town questioned this, but

Emily soon just became another story with the town.

Miss Emily was not always alone. When she was younger, her father lived at the

house with her. He was a man without his sanity. When ever a male would come to the

house to see Emily, he would great them at the door, and see them off before Emily could

even say hello. The town used this excuse for Emily when her father died. He was dead

for three days before she would let the coroner to take him out of the house. This can be

seen as the beginning of Emily’s decent to madness.

Emily was not always without a man. The town was getting sidewalks put in, and a

group of colored men from the north was called in to build them. Their Foreman went

by the ...

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