Romeo And Juliet Research Paper

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Romeo and Juliet is a love story written by William Shakespeare that tells a story of two teenagers who fall madly in love with each other in a very short period of time. Almost all people know it before they read the book that the two lovers kill themselves, but who is to blame? There are plenty of substantial reasons that would point the finger at Friar Laurence to be the most to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Laurence willingly and without much consideration assisted Juliet in faking her own death, married the two in secret, and absolutely did not consider the possibilities or consequences his actions could ensue. Friar Laurence made many bad decisions when he was dealing with the two teenagers that he easily could’ve avoided. He trusted Juliet, an unbalanced teenage girl, with a poison that would assist her in faking her death. This decision was just one of many bad ones the friar made. Friar Laurence shows his negligence by saying “If / though has the strength of will to slay thyself/take thou this vial/no warmth, no breath shall testify thou livest;” (4.1.71,93,98) This quote shows the true neglegence of Friar Laurence’s responsibility, because he is instructing her to fake a suicide. Friar Laurence’s idea for Juliet is very misguiding, and for an adult, he should have considered what terrible things this decision could bring. Everyone thinks that Juliet is dead and shortly after, she is buried alive in the tomb. If Friar Laurence did not let Juliet drink the fake poison, she would have never been put in the situation that she was in, which leads her to her real death. Even after Mercutio’s death and Romeo’s banishment, Friar Laurence did not see the harmfulness of Romeo and Juliet’s marriage. Instead Friar... ... middle of paper ... ...most famous love story in Western history. The adults in this Shakespeare play fell short in their responsibilities, however many readers consider that Friar Laurence is the most to blame for the disastrous deaths of the main characters, Romeo and Juliet. For his willingness to marry the two in secret, his inconsideration of the possibilities or consequences his actions could ensue, and his assistance Juliet in faking her death, which ultimately lead to the death of Romeo too. However, he has a kind nature about him, and honestly tries to help Romeo and Juliet in whatever way he possibly is able to. Friar Laurence may not be completely to blame for Romeo’s death, but he left Juliet alone in the tomb where she killed herself, and he easily could’ve saved her. When Friar Laurence made such inconsiderate decisions, he inevitably doomed Romeo and Juliet to their deaths.
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