Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis

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Romeo and Juliet, the two cross lovers, who brought raging commotion to their families, finally saved the feud peacefully by their own death. Romeo and Juliet, lovers by fate, change importantly due to love's grievousness; with their families at war both decided to keep their love secretly for the sake of rivalry, but however, their love for one another causes a tragic incident at the end of the book. The two “star-crossed” lovers change significantly throughout the book from young and slow to full common sense and maturity. Juliet, a bracing protagonist in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, has an effective determination to be with the one she loves no matter the damage it would cause.
At the beginning of the story Juliet is this young and obedient girl. In the time period Romeo and Juliet takes place, young girls at her age get married. Juliet isn't worried about getting married nor thought of it one bit. During the story, Lady Capulet brings up the topic of Paris wanting to marry Juliet. Juliet not knowing what it would be like obediently says that she will try to love him. As in the play, (1.4.103-05), she says, “I'll look to like, if looking liking move. But no more deep will endart mine eye than your consent gives strength to make it fly.” Juliet hasn't experience real love yet, so she doesn't understand what love is. Juliet promises to consider Paris as her possibly husband due to her mother's desires. Juliet's attitude and personality changes right after she meets sweet, charming Romeo. During the time she meets Romeo, her adulthood is force into her life, though she is deeply in love with Romeo. Juliet spots the flaws in Romeo, where he likes to romanticize things and romance girls with his words. At the party that Capulet...

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...d, she becomes heartbroken and decides to take her own life as well.
Throughout the play of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is known as the obedient, young, immature girl to the determined, mature, adult. Juliet's change in personality and attitude is connectable with people outside of the play. Juliet's love for Romeo is what causes her to change. If she had never met Romeo, I believe she would have still been alive and probably married to Paris. Shakespeare gave us an exclusive look of how love can change a person and drive them to a limit where they don’t care about anything but their love for that certain person. Juliet did whatever it took to be with Romeo and due to the feud between their families and the chaos around it, both of the “Star-crossed” lovers died. The two young lovers, did not die by fate or coincidentally, but by their own character and imperfections.
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