Robert Owen Utopian New Harmony Essay

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Another World is Possible or Impossible? A Preliminary Insight into the Issues and Legacies of Robert Owen’s Utopian Experiment of New Harmony Mingyue (Jessica) Wu 999948197 HPS202: Technology in Modern World March 30, 2014 Utopia: An imaginary or hypothetical place or state of things considered to be perfect… Latin=no-place (from Greek ou not + topos place) —The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Fifth edition Do you believe in Utopia? “No” might have been the answer for the majority of people since the invention of this word. However, the answer never stopped people from trying. Hundreds of social theorist and reformers have devoted themselves into studying and conducting Utopian experiments in their preoccupation with optimism. Among all, Robert Owen’s experiment in New Harmony has an enormous place in American and even human history yet has never been adequately appreciated in spite of its inevitable failure. It is worthwhile to trace back to delve into the issues and influences that the New Harmony experiment brought us; what led to the drifting apart of the people in New Harmony and how the death-bed of Robert Owen’s ‘social system’ eventually altered to the birthplace of other significant movements. To begin with, the major issue to address is the composition of the members in New Harmony. According to a statement from the constitution proposed by Robert Owen on April, 1817: Persons of all ages and descriptions, exclusive of persons of color, may become members of the preliminary society. Persons of color may be received as helpers to the society; if necessary; or it may be found useful to prepare and enable them to become associates in communities in Africa, or in some other c... ... middle of paper ... ...m up, Robert Owen’s Utopian community experiments might have been flawed by issues like underestimation of productivity and individualism, lack of administration power, insufficiency of understanding for community, Mr. Robert Owen will still be of interest today. His unique perspective and progressive positivity will always foreshadow the emancipating ideas with respects to education, gender quality, and social development and so on. Another world is possible? The answer probably will still be ‘No’, especially when wars, famines, and numerous inequalities are very much dominating the majority of the world. There is no immediate fix. Yet, almost on hundred years after his New Harmony blueprint, his thoughtful insight as legacies can still illuminate the dark on the path of searching for a better world, from a small county in Indiana, America, to the whole human race.

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