Robert Frost Criticism

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Robert Frost’s poems are well liked because they work on so many different levels; on the surface they are stories about the beauty of nature, while deeper down they are journeys in finding ones self and more. Robert Frost is an American poet who was born in San Francisco. His poems reflect rural life and is one of America's best known poets. Through his works he uses symbolism and nature to show man in search of self.
Robert Frost was from the city but writes about nature in a way of bringing about more complex emotional and intellectual concepts. He takes things from nature and makes it comparable to the things that people feel or may think about. He writes about it to make the people think reflect and so they may see the beauty of nature. A lot of his poems reflect back on his life and what he has done in the past. He uses imagery a lot throughout his poems as well and writes about New England and its beauty.
Frost uses symbolism throughout all his works. In A Patch of Old Snow the narrator notices the patch of snow and assumes that it is something else instead straightaway. The snow was a symbol of the winter season while it was new and white but after a few weeks on the ground it is dirty and not cared about anymore like an old newspaper, which Frost compares it to. The narrator feels at fault about the misidentification and believes that he should have been able to acknowledge the snow right away and he should have recognized the beauty of winter as well. Then the narrator says the dirt on the snow looks like the print of a newspapers so it was not his fault for making the mistake and he should not have to take responsibility for the mistake. The narrator says the beauty of winter is only present in the perfect white and n...

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...y because he has a loss of memory and has no recollection of his purpose or identity. He is isolated because he is by himself but he is also isolated in mind by the fact that even the memories of the past happiness cannot comfort him. He also writes in these poems that the narrator is isolated because of unique perspective. In The Road Not Taken the narrator is isolated because of him picking the less chosen path instead of the one everyone else decided to take.
Robert Frost ties all of his themes together throughout all his poems. He uses the symbolism in his works and nature to have man finding himself. In Birches he talks about how the narrator wants to climb the trees and go as high as they can just to get away from reality. He using the Birch trees symbolize life and serves as the narrators temporary place of escape form the world and all the harsh realities.
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