Rob Delaney

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In the memoir A Heart That Works by Rob Delaney, the story follows Rob's point of view during the devastating events of his son's passing. Delaney's son Henry was a one year old when diagnosed with a brain tumor, this story shows that the love you have for your loved ones will always carry with you. Throughout the book, Delaney gives multiple in depth imagery for the readers to paint a picture in their mind. One that I was not only shocked but had a hard time envisioning was when Delaney was describing blood coming out of his son's neck, blood pouring out of holes that aren't there naturally. He wants the reader to understand what he had endured during his son's treatment, but for someone with no kids and has a difficult time looking at blood, my reaction …show more content…

I found this book inspiring how even in Rob's darkest times of watching his son slowly decline in life, he still had hope, he had the courage to carry on with his loved ones. In the memoir, Delaney says that he still believed there was a chance his son could fight this unimaginable diagnosis. Delaney had all the facts to understand that the chances were slim and most likely his son would not make it; he still chose to think that his son could live a long life. As readers, we won’t know if he really thought Henry would make it out alive or if it was what he told himself to get through the rough times. I learned a valuable lesson that even when you are at an all-time low, you can still choose to believe in hope. The argument Delaney preaches about was when he one year passed away due to a tragic brain tumor, and he also had his father diagnosed with cancer. A friend of Delaneys asked about his dads diagnosis, Delaney took it almost as disrespectful to ask about his father who is of old age, whose life has been lived and not about how he was doing about losing his two-year-old

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