Rita's Character in Willy Russell's Educating Rita

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Rita's Character in Willy Russell's Educating Rita First impressions are very important and Willy Russell is keen to portray Rita as an enthusiastic but common lady. In Rita's first line of the scene, we find that she speaks her mind "It's that stupid bleedin' handle on the door. You wanna get it fixed." We also find out that Rita is a strong confident character because when Frank tells Rita "I suppose I always mean to…" She tells him "Well that's no good always meaning to, is it?" This is ironic to because the student is telling the teacher what to do. "I'll bring y' the book-its great" Rita ironically offers a book to the teacher. She carries on asking all the questions all the way through the scene, even though it should be the other way around. "Very good ten out of ten…. collect a gold star" We also learn that Rita teaches Frank how to teach assonance. "I've never really looked at it like that. But yes yes you could say it means getting the rhyme wrong" In this scene we find out many things about Rita's character, she experts in things she does, she can construct an argument and she can recommend books. We also find out that Rita believes in changing the inside not the outside. "…They wanna be changed. But if y' wanna change y' have to do it from the inside don't y'?" What do we learn about Rita's School days? Rita didn't enjoy her school, she didn't learn while at school because if she did she would have to change her friends. She could have learnt but she was loyal to her friends. She conformed to low expectations, even though she knew the answer she didn't say because of her friends. " Nah, just normal y' know, borin' ripped-up books, broken glass everywhere, knives an' fights. An' that was just in the staff room. Nah they tried their best I suppose, telling us we stood a chance if we studied. "I saw this fantastic bird, all coloured it was, like dead out of

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