Educating Rita

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Educating Rita Educating Rita is a humorous play giving out a very strong message, which is telling the reader to never give up in life and keep striving for what you are aiming for. In this play we have a 26 year old woman called Rita whom is a mature woman, seeking an education, as she didn't take the opportunity to learn when she was an amateur student, because of the environment she lived in and the fact she didn't want to learn due to her popularity and her working class culture. In reflection, Rita has come to realise how the law expectations surrounding her and her working class culture held her back from her real potential. She wants to change now and break this cycle. Frank, the other main character, is a teacher at the university where she has applied to do her course. He is around his 50's and is Rita's tutor. He is a lazy man, bored and frustrated by his life he too does not feel like he belongs anywhere. Frank does not like his job very much, he does not have any respect for himself at all. The play is staged in one room and only 2 people are taking the major role in the play. This is quite unusual for a play this long. Throughout the play, there are only two characters: this is known as a two-hander. Other characters are only mentioned in the play, but in the film have been cast as parts. It worked well for the film, but I think it lost the closeness which plays such an important part in the theatre. Some people would find this to be tedious, but I think it adds to the intensity and intimacy between the audience and the characters. Frank is a very important to Rita’s transformation. The relation ship between frank and Rita at the beginning of the play is not strong, Frank doesn't re... ... middle of paper ... to take ten years off you”, it looked like rita was going to kiss Frank but she goes to him, ges out a scissor and starts cutting up his hair, this is one of the humerous parts. This would symbolise another chance for Frank and Rita, a new life for the both of them. I think this play is one of the best plays I have ever read. At te beginning, I had found out that this play only contained 2 characters, this made me think that this play would be not very interesting, but I was surprised. This had an excellent storyline which gave out strong messages which is basically ‘not to give up in life’, for example Rita had sacrificed a lot for her edcucation, this showed how dedicated she was. This play is presented in different styles, like sometimes this play can be humerous but most of the time it is serious. I think this way, keeps the reader interested.