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According to the quote, effects of the rising of the water were transportaion, food, and water. Transportaion for Mesopotamia was cruical because they (tribes and communitites) were often nomadic because the availability for food and water was limited. During this time period, food usually consisted of animals which included food such as meat and crops and the Nile River help supplied food and water.

2. The Nile River was probaly the biggest reasons why communities and tribes stayed where they did during this time period. The Nile River served them for everything from clean water, fish for food, and transportaion.

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The Tigris and Euphrates river played a big role in development for a numerous amount of reasons. Being in the middle of a Dessert, water is going to be very limited and water has so many different uses. Water can serve as a cleaning source, …show more content…

South of the Fertile Cresenct you have the Aribian Desert which makes civilization there a bit harder due to the lack of water and food. To the East of the Fertile Crescent you have Zagros Mountain range. I beleive settling int he mountains would be smarter because valleys should be present there and water sohuld be easier to find. Also much wildlife should be in that area.

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Egyptians beleived in only one holy god. According to the quote, Egyptians viewed the Pharaoh with much admiration and worshipped the Pharaoh very much. “Mother and Father to all.” This quote means to me that the Pharoah looks out for everyone in the Society no matter how good or how bad the times are in that society. Also, I bleive based on the quote everyone beleived in the Pharoah with great admiration.

2. The Pharoah in Egypt had all power over others. He had the Power (according to Egyptians) to heal anything, provided anything, and look out for all no matter what. He had all the power over anyone or anything during this period and was worshipped every single day.


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