Rhetorical Analysis Of John F. Kennedy's Moral Speech

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By delivering his inaugural speech, President Kennedy mentioned not only the American people, but also people from over the world including new states, old allies, and the Soviet Union. He also sought to inspire the nation after a long, divided election; to alleviate the growing fearful of drawn-out cold war, and to bless the hope for peace in the nuclear age. By using the extensive use of rhetorical devices, President successfully completed and fulfilled the goals of his speech. Therefore, after reading his inaugural speech, I strongly want to choose this speech to analysis for my research paper. I will analysis John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech based on the idea of social cohesion about liberty, give evidence and number how this speech has influenced thousands of people based on its eloquence and persuasiveness.
With the tone of inspiration, hortatory, and powerful; an inaugural speech of President Kennedy clearly defines the ceremonial purpose base on the first aspect of social cohesion in freedom and liberty. At the very first beginning, by using a youthful diction, President Kennedy shows his great achievement in winning the presidential election. Even with his young age, Kennedy still performs the same level as the past presidents. He
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This phrase by Kennedy once again affects many thoughts of various people. Hard work, loyalty, labor, and meticulousness will definitely bring many positive effects to the country. As a younger generation, people should follow the imitation of their predecessors. Furthermore, it shows that it is not only government’s responsibility, but it is a responsibility for everyone in this country. Action should be taken by everyone to make a necessary change. Furthermore, all of this will not complete in one day or even in 1,000 days because this is a long term

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