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Rhetoric in my terms Rhetoric . A word many believe withholds a negative connotation in reference to politics, yet little did do they know, such a small-scale word has numerous definitions. Rhetoric , wWhen used in a different context, it can mean many different thingscan have many different meanings. As mentioned abovementioned, it is known to have a negativebad implication, reason being, that candidates use certain persuading techniques towards voters in order to bash their opponents. That way, they can gain votes for their own party, and convince the voters that other candidates are doing things the wrong way and gain votes for their own party. I personally perceive rhetoric as an act of communication that demands a response. as an act…show more content…
As years went by sophist focused more on expressive speech and rhetoric causing people to believe they can answer all questions. As a result, they were given the name “modern thinkers” because they knew everything, so everybody believed what they were saying. Yet Plato came along and said the sophist people were greedy people who decorated language to deceive and gain power(rhetoric). Then came along Aristotle who separated out philosophy, leaving sophism and coming to his own conclusion about rhetoric. “[The function of rhetoric] is not to persuade but to see he available means of persuasion in each case.” Aristotle is stating that he believes rhetoric is not to persuade, yet to see the possibility that there is to persuade someone. Although Aristotle makes a good point, I disagree with Aristotle’s definition of rhetoric because I feel as if rhetoric is the complete opposite. Rhetoric to me is used to persuade someone, but influencing someone positively. People tend to take the good in things and turn it bad, and because of that we never really get to see the true side of things…show more content…
Others definitions are not far out from mine. Rhetoric is a term that can obviously change in someone else’s perspective. As you saw early in the passage the sophist and Aristotle have two totally different views on the term rhetoric. Yet, what we all have in common is that they all involve persuasion. Regardless of a person’s perception of definition rhetoric will always be a form of sharing information in order to affect somebody’s perspective, reason being why rhetoric is so important when it comes to writing. As a writer you want your audience to feel as if they are in the novel. For example, bringing it to life for the reader or even influencing a reader to do good things for themselves. For instance, if somebody were in the market for a great weight loss program that supposedly will shed 50Ibs in a week, then an advertisement titled “SERIOUS WEIGHT LOSS OVER 50Ibs IN A MONTH” would quickly catch his or her attention. As a writer you don’t write to not get your point across or not to touch your audience. You want every time they read your text for them to feel some type of way. That is why rhetoric is very important to a

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