Revolutionary War Dbq

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The revolutionary war, the war that started it all. The Revolutionary War was a series of wars leading to American Independence. From 1775 to 1783 the 13 colonies or ,Americans, fought against Great Britain and all of Europe. Settlers in the 13 colonies had a lot of beef with King George, for many different reasons. One of the biggest causes of the Revolutionary war was the taxes King George put on the colonies. He placed a serious of different taxes on the 13 colonies, called the Intolerable Act. As the Americans fought back protesting against the taxes King George started to pass other laws like the Proclamation of 1763. This law prohibited the American settlers from moving west, anywhere past the Appalachian Mountains. The King passed…show more content…
Benjamin Franklin was one of the key leaders. Franklin served in the Second Continental Congress helping to get the colonies to work together in fighting against King George and the red coats. He also helped draft the D.O.I. (says Another leader ,also known as the Founding Father of the U. S., was Thomas Jefferson. Also in the Second Continental Congress Jefferson spent a lot of his time getting people to want to fight for their Independence and religious freedom, and writing the D. O. I. ( Sam Adams is another leader celebrated for his role in the war. As an organizer of Boston's Sons of liberty, Adam helped fight the acts passed by King George. His protests to the Tea Act helped cause the Boston Tea Party. The most peaceful leader out of them all was probably John Adams. John also protested and defended the American rights but in more of a peaceful way. He didn't approve of violent protesting. Though he did defend the British soldiers at the Boston Massacre in 1770, he did believe in the American rights and helped Virginia pass its state constitution in 1776. John also helped revise the D. O.…show more content…
One of the most famous battles at this time period was the battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775. This battle is known for its famous ,"shoot heard around the world". It was the first battle starting off the war as hundreds of British troops marched into Concord firing at the American militia, or minutemen. The next key battle was the battle of Saratoga in 1777. This was the turning point in the war because the france became our allies. Helping to give the Americans the advantage over the British. Then this one, not major battle, happened but had just as big as effect as the rest of the battles. This was the attack at Valley Forge. It was an American base, it was temporally abandoned do to the harsh winter. When the British troops saw this fort, they decided to take it. When the Americans tried to come and take it back they failed loosing 25% of their troops. This wasn't a huge battle but was more of a awakening call for the Americans. The last major battle of the Revolutionary War was the battle of Yorktown. The American militia pushed the British back to the water at Yorktown forcing them to retreat. As the Americans pushed them to the waters the French navy blocked off their retreat, forcing them to die or surrender. This battled really ended the war, though smaller battles still
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