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The term revolution simply means a complete change. At the time of the Civil War Era, which has come to be know as the fight over states rights, many events like the constitutional amendments, the rise in hate crimes and the very well known black land rights have all had a major contribution to the changes that have been brought throughout the country during this time period. African Americans fought for the Union against their opressors in hopes that they would be granted more freedom. In the Petition from American citizens of African descent to the Union convention of Tennessee it states that, “If we are called on to do military duty against rebel armies in the field, why should we be denied the privelage of voting against rebel citizens at the ballot-box?” It was a big step for African Americans to order and petition the government for voting rights, they were expected to take a bullet for the union but werent even allowed the small freedom of voting. Not only were blacks still not able to vote but they were also denied the right to purchase …show more content…

and ratify a constitutional amendment which gave all black males the right to vote. Though widespread voting for African Americans had not been permitted, many blacks were able to cast a ballot for the first time. In Senator Lot Morrils speech in congress he says, “Are we not in the midst of a civil and political revolution which has changed the fundamentals principles of our governement in some aspects? There was a civilization based on servitude. Where is that? Gone forever. We have revolutionized this Constitution of ours to that extent and every substantial change in the fundamental consitution of a country is a revolution.” This change alone shows how a constitutional revolution had taken place since the blacks were finally enfranchised according to the

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