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Movie Review: Radio

When you were in high school or just around town, did you ever see a mentally challenged person be treated like dirt? If so, then you should see the movie "Radio." In one part of the movie "Radio", James Robert "Radio" Kennedy went around the high school football field every day. One day, Coach Harold Jones invited him inside the gates. The football players took advantage of Radio and locked him in the equipment shed while the players threw footballs at it. After Coach Jones unlocked the shed, Radio, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. ran out of the field.

The title of the movie is "Radio." It is rated PG, and is directed by Mike Tollin. It is based on a true story about James Robert "Radio" Kennedy who is played by an academy award winner, Cuba Gooding Jr. Another main character is Coach Harold Jones, who is played by Ed Harris; he also played in the 1997 film "Jerry McGuire." The studio that made the grade A film was Revolution Studios. The first day the movie was released in theaters was October 24, 2003. (Also, the movie lasts 105 minutes, but will have your full attention the whole time.) Radio inspired his hometown's football team to win a championship, even after it didn't accept him at first.

James Robert "Radio" Kennedy, is a mentally challenged, young Black man, who in the mid 1970's, spent his afternoons walking past the local high school football field. Radio would walk past the field pushing a shopping cart every day. In the cart was a radio. One day a football came over the fence nearby where he was standing, watching and learning how to coach and how to make friends with many people, and as he picked up the ball, he looked at the players and the coach and walked away with it. Coach Jones invited Radio to be his assistant. The football players didn't like this, so they tortured the young man in every way they could possibly think of. Coach Jones didn't tolerate this kind of behavior and asked Radio to stay as long as he wanted. Some people in the town complained that Radio was a distraction to Coach Jones and the football team, but soon he would change T.L. Hannah High School forever.

Ed Harris, whose character was Coach Harold Jones, took Radio in as his own son practically.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how james robert "radio" kennedy, played by cuba gooding jr., went around the high school football field every day and was locked in the equipment shed.
  • Explains that the movie is based on a true story about james robert "radio" kennedy, played by an academy award winner, cuba gooding jr.
  • Describes james robert "radio" kennedy, a mentally challenged, young black man who spent his afternoons walking past the local high school football field.
  • Explains how ed harris, whose character was coach harold jones, took radio in as his own son practically, feeding him and buying him clothes. around christmas time, the town bought many presents for radio so he felt more welcome with the community.
  • Opines that radio is a remarkable film that can be seen with the whole family. cuba gooding jr. and ed harris were outstanding together and made the audience feel like they were right there with coach jones assisting radio.
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