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Free trade does add wealth to the economy in a country such as America. The main reasons to support free trade are to have a higher standard of living as it allows people to improve their living standard where they can consume better quality products and services at less expensive price. With the increases of standard of living, the people who are in the state of poverty will begin to experience better lifestyles and they will not be discriminated by the richer as now they are almost equally financial stable as the normal working people.
Moreover, free trade is a good way for people to create competition and make transformation towards the country. With the existing of competition, the challenges with each other producing similar goods or services makes these businessmen to motivate themselves to discover new technologies around them. This will not only increases the productivity but also create a new technology development for the next generation. Not only that, it also give the people the opportunities to explore the advancing technologies in worldwide.
Free trade not only helps to boost up the citizens’ standard of living but also boost up the economic growth of the country. The occurrence of free trade import and export can be done without the barriers to pay the duties from the businessmen. The growing of the economy will increases the demand of the goods and services. As the result, when the demand increases, the opportunity for businesses will increases and with the boost up of these matter, it will create more job opportunities to the people in the white collar and blue collar sectors.

Besides that free trade encourages strengthen the development of a country’s institutions, in order to protect the country’s eco...

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...ate by others.
The country should create more competition to bring more opponents into certain industry such as in technology industry, agriculture industry and automotive industry. This is to ensure that more productivity will be produce in a higher quality with a lower cost of purchase. As the result, all kind of goods can be purchase by all classes of people. Besides, this is to avoid monopoly firms to take place so that people will not be exploited by these firms.
Since the advancement of the technology has taken place, the infrastructure should implies more technology to build up a more secure and also environment friendly compound for the citizen so that in the near future, these people will increases the work productivity to support the economic growth in their working place which this will help them to expand the financial status of the country.
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