Restorative Justice Case Study

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Unique challenges can be faced when attempting to repair the harm caused by domestic violence. One way to repair the harm caused by domestic violence is restorative justice. This paper will break down the meaning of restorative justice. It will also discuss restorative justice approaches to helping victims of domestic violence. An examination into the potential benefits and harms of restorative justice in domestic violence cases will be addressed. Finally the paper will discuss how social workers can benefit from the use of restorative justice when it comes to helping victims of domestic violence.

Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence Victims
Domestic violence is a problem that can often be ignored, covered up and denied. Once a victim decides to take action to get out of an abusive relationship restoration can begin. When a victim has gone through a traumatic event he or she can struggle with the process of restorative justice. The victim may still be dealing with frightening memories of the abuse. Also a victim may have come to terms with the domestic violence and would just like to leave it in the past. These are some of the unique challenges faced by
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Circle of Peace is a restorative justice program designed to deal with the trauma and violence of domestic violence (Mills, Barocas, & Ariel, 2013). This program focuses on meeting needs of both victim and abuser. To meet the needs of victim and abuser, Circle of Peace attempts to go beyond criminal punishment. To do this, Circle of Peace mediates restorative justice between the victim and abuser. The program also works with judges by educating them on alternatives to criminal punishment, such as helping abuser come to terms with exerting power and control over victims. Also, the program is designed to confront the limitations of domestic violence intervention (Mills, Barocas, & Ariel,
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