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Kill them; kill them all sounds harsh doesn’t it. But if you think about it, which are the way most murders, rapist, and serial killers fell about us. So why not return the favors kill them, kill them all. Like I said this is how they feel about us (criminals). You hear about it in the daily news reasons behind the crimes that criminals comment. They say it’s because of their childhood or they were just born that way (evil). And we as society accept that reasoning and say, well we need to help these criminals. So we spend millions of dollars trying to rehabilitate offenders and soon to be offenders. We start with juvenile offenders and counsel them and get them to go back to school. The whole time keeping our fingers crossed that these services are going to help. Then when these services do not work, we say where did we go wrong. Why we, why us, why not them, they are the criminals so why do we blame ourselves, when rehabilitation programs do not work. I will tell you why we blame ourselves because we care. We care because as a whole we want people to live happy, full lives and go unharmed in this world. When that does not happen we step in to fix it, but at what cost. The cost of us becoming victims to our own need to help, sometimes we just need to step back and let courts, judges, and attorneys take over. And let them receive the punishment the deserve, even if it’s the death penalty. We all know the controversy that surrounds the death penalty. Some are for the death penalty and some are against it. Then you have the few that are still on the fence, and just tend to go with the flow of things. We’re going to discuss the pros and the anti of the death penalty. Let’s start with the anti. “By 2004, 118 countries had abolished... ... middle of paper ... ... that person. And that in its self is a crime. Works Cited Anti-death penalty. (2010). Reasons to be against the death penalty. Retrieved from Death penalty violates the right to life. (2004). 10 reasons to abolish the death penalty Retrieved from Messerli, J (2009). Should the death penalty be banned? Retrieved from Robinson, B. (2007). Basic reasons. Pro and anti. Retrieved from Rushford, M. (2005, 6/21/2005). Death penalty works. USA Today. Retrieved from Von Drehle, D. (2008). Death penalty walking. Retrieved from htpp://,9171,1699855,00.html
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