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Jason Santiago AP European History-5th 24 March 2014 The Romanovs The Romanov Dynasty was the last reigning imperial family of Russia. With its rise to power in 1613 as one of the founding noble families, to their untimely demise in 1917. For decades, the examinations of the found bones and skulls of the brutalized family had sparked numerous myths and legends of a survivor, particularly being Anastasia, that had been dismissed with the analysis of DNA and other research experiments. The Romanov family brought forth reform and continued leading Russia as a world power. Despite the shift in government after their fall, the Romanovs had placed an imprint in Russia that still to this day, carries an importance in the vast geographically intimidating nation. Power was established to the Romanov family when young Mikhail was appointed tsar by the boyars, Russian nobility, in 1613. Persistence by the elders to accept the title or be punished by God, Mikhail took the position and led Russia into an era of reform and prosperity. Russia entered into a successful stage in agricultural industry and because of his family actions, manufactories boomed which enhanced economic circulation, putting Russia at the forefront of businesses and work. Not only did the family open up employment and succeeded in stabilizing the economy from the inside, but as well as provided the people the opportunity in participating in foreign markets, and created an all Russian trade area. Seeing foreign advancements, Romanov hired other European industrialists and builders in attempt to further push Russia as a world leader in trade. Improvements in the economy and authoritative political leadership brought forth changes in the raising of living standards. ... ... middle of paper ... .... After intense controversy and dispute, the Moscow Patriarchate canonized the Romanov Family as passion bearers on August 20th, 2000. This meant that members would be recognized as believers who died in a Christ like manner and fell with true resignation. Unlike the family, the five servants killed at the scene were canonized as the Russian Orthodox Church did not recognize them as saints nor legible of being canonized. All the way leading to their untimely demise, the Romanov Family had most truly symbolized the ideals of the Russian people from a political and religious standpoint.

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