Research Paper On Area 51

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Have you ever wondered what extraterrestrial activity is? Have you ever wondered where aliens live? Have you ever wondered about a secret place on earth where aliens might be? Area 51 is a military base, where people fly aircrafts, and where extraterrestrial activity takes place. area 51 is a military base also known as edwards military base. “ The United States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base,” (wikipedia the free encyclopedia) The owner of the military base is the U.S federal government, the base has been run since 1955. Another name that they call the military base is the Homey airport Area 51’s military base is also a place where people fly there Area 51’s military base is big and has many parts of it one including a place to fly aircrafts. …show more content…

Area 51 also includes the testing of aircrafts.” the correct names for the facility are Homey Airport” ( wikipedia the free encyclopedia) Primarily for testing the aircraft called U-2 The newest aircraft is called the F-22 Area 51 is a place run by the U.S federal government The aircrafts in area 51 are owned by the U.s federal government and worked on by the employee's There is also something else that occurs in area 51. Which is extraterrestrial activity.. Area 51 is also home to extraterrestrial activity where aliens take place. Area 51 is a place where people fly aircrafts and

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