Research Essay on “A Rose for Emily”

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How would today’s society treat a situation such as Emily Grierson different from the society during the time period of the story? This a question that some will think about after reading a story such as this as well as how it will affect individuals’ lives. The residents in the strict small town of Jefferson already did not agree on how Emily was living with her lover let alone what she did to him shook them up as well. People today probably would have sympathy for Grierson knowing what she her life was like that lead to this horrific event happen.
When a story like this comes about in the public, everyone can think of everything Emily did wrong or how atrocious the crime was but no many will understand why she would do such a thing. She was living in a town with people who took their religion for seriously and lived by it faithfully. Whatever was not done in the religion or around it was wrong and offended them easily. The community she lived in were not welcoming and carrying people that she could socialize with. Grierson did not have any friends throughout her life because of the way she was raised, by an overbearing father that took control of her mind.
Some crimes that occur come from those individuals dealing problems in their past or present causing them to do things that will hurt themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. In this case her controlling father, Mr. Grierson, took that form of being the “man of the household” a little too far. “Emily is such a tragic figure who forever lives under her father’s domination…” (Fang 20). Whatever Mr. Grierson said goes, and Emily had to abide by his authority as long as she lived. There are in fact a lot of parents that can be overbearing and wanting their children to...

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...early, the people in the town of Jefferson, Mississippi were probably okay with this tragedy happening since she did not receive much of a punishment for what she did. Whether if something like this happened in the past or present day, Emily Grierson harmed herself mainly. “Poor Emily” was not used because the community felt sorry for her loneliness, they only was judging and doubting her for who she loved.
Emily wanted to be accepted and wanted to be loved, but the community she lived in was tough and strict on what they believed was right. If Ms. Emily Grierson was in the present day with and issue such as this one, she would be judged too but there would be people that wanted to help her and see why she felt to do this crime. She would be able to receive the attention that she desperately needed in order to be become better and not die in a miserable state.
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