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Christen Foley Mr. Czarnecki May 28th 2014 Period 6 Roderigo, Just a Puppet on a String : Analysis of Roderigo’s Reputation in Othello People love to believe that they are in full control of their current situation. Most people need to be in control, at least of their own lives. If a sense of control is tampered with people can lose self confidence, awareness and security. This can mean humans feel like they are vulnerable to dangers and negative influences around the world. More specifically, in the play, Othello by William Shakespeare, the second antagonist, Roderigo, is portrayed with having little control over his life and furthermore his reputation. Reputation affects Roderigo’s life immensely because he doesn’t have full control over it. His reputation is solely based on what other people think of him, not about his few actions. Roderigo has no regulation over what others perceive of him, unlike other characters in Othello. Readers are lead to believe that Roderigo is an unintelligent, desperate and jealous man on accounts by two other characters, Brabantio and Iago. Perhaps, there may be more to Roderigo’s story but readers will never know because of the lack of evidence. Influencing Roderigo’s reputation in Othello, Brabantio, Desdemona’s father has negative feelings toward Roderigo. Roderigo’s main source of motivation in the play is Desdemona and his lust toward her. Brabantio would not be classified as a supporter of Roderigo and this definitely doesn’t work in favor of Roderigo because he yearns to marry Desdemona.Brabantio’s point of view is very negative. He knows his daughter has no interest in Roderigo and he has told him previously the truth but Roderigo is persistent. In Act one, scene one of Othello, Brabanti... ... middle of paper ... ...Iago’s gossip but is swayed by Iago’s rhetoric. Though it might seem Roderigo would have control over her reputation he doesn’t and is just another one of Iago's puppets but due to his jealousy and unintelligence he is easy to manipulate. At first, a minor character, such as Roderigo may appear to have an insignificant role in Othello, but after taking a closer look, their role may be much more significant than first perceived. Roderigo’s depressing reputation affects his life immensely affecting his relationship with Desdemona and her father to his everyday life. It may not be surprising that Roderigo had so little control over his reputation but people throughout the world may never have a sense of control of what other people think of them. One may say readers of Othello all around the world may become puppets to those around us who want to pull the strings.
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