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“Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas is a magnificent poem that expresses great power, beauty, and gentleness, in which tone and emotion are exquisitely blended. His poem illustrates various ways to approach death. In expressing this, Thomas believes that one should not be so accepting and giving to death, but advocates living up until the last breathe. Thomas’s message is a plea to his ill, dying father, pleading him not to give in, but to fight death. Thomas further suggests that a great man must not die quietly, but to live fully and experience life to his utmost ability and capability. Not only is this poem about fighting death, but it also identifies how people may not live life to their fullest. This poem will be analyzed in three sections, the first of which acts as an introduction to Thomas’s message. Secondly,

I will go into detail on Thomas’s tone and the emotion within the poem. Lastly, I will analyze the four stanzas that help symbolize Thomas’s image of his father.

Thomas uses a great deal of tone and emotion in his literary works, especially this poem that I have researched. His tone is very restricted emotionally which is that he expresses his feelings with an instinctual emotion. Thomas tone is very urgent and possessive when he explains each stage his father has experienced. The poem reads how the writer idolizes his father which defines the magnitude of his love for him. Thomas implies in this poem that life is important; especially how you live it, in that there is no greater feeling than to live life happy, to the fullest and with absolutely no regrets. Thomas identifies every characteristic his father resembles to him in corresponding stanzas. The poem is built to...

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...nd Thomas’s message of celebrating life and this significance of tone and expression. Thomas’s well-known poem about making life count made known to me the meaning of true glorified living. Thomas urges that one must not exit quietly and that we must continue to rage against each fleeting second of life; to live life to the fullest.

My research of Dylan Thomas was enlightening as I found that Thomas’s literary works took many forms, although he was most successful with his poetry. Dylan Thomas’s poetry is the most significant and best known throughout history.


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