Renewable Energy Sources In The United States

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In moderate America an energy source is what keeps the country running and fueled. Whether it’s from helping light sources to keep traffic regulated to gas which helps cook and heat on an everyday basis. With this being said an energy source comes in many different shapes and forms but all have the same intention and purpose both with its own distinct and unique way of how it’s gathered, used and stored. In my essay I will be sharing with you the key things non renewable and renewable energy sources share as well as the things that differentiates one another. Although this is a topic that’s always looked over I strongly believe this is the topic that determines how our future will turn out. Having a difference between each other doesn’t necessarily mean one is in particular better than the other but in fact what this means it requires different methods to obtain and produce that …show more content…

The biggest argument with this topic always has been the amount of money that is needed to be able to produce such efficient and effective technology to produce such energy. Another argument would be its very difficult to generate the quantities that are as large of those produced by traditional fossil fuel generators. Furthermore our technology isn’t up to date to where we don’t have to depend on weather playing a huge factor and to where we don’t have to heavily rely much on Mother Nature. Although this method does sound like it’s the safest it’s also very costly. supporters of renewable energy often state that its much less destructive because it doesn’t involve the destruction of the earth as well as it doesn’t release harmful chemicals which are being distributed threw out the world via air as well as the pollution of water. All in all the most important help renewable energy will contribute towards is the fight on global

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