Renaissance Humanism Essay

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Humanism during the Renaissance era proved to be a very important aspect that helped mold the society into one that exhibited the combination of classical teachings and a more materialistic outlook on the world . Humanism during this era was a very important theme. Humanism, in the classic sense, is the formation of ideals that are focused more on real world aspects that stray from traditional church teachings and ideals. The Renaissance period, during the 15th century, experienced a paradigm shift in the classic sense where society began to focus more so on improving the societal experience, rather than focusing on church centered ideas. Renaissance humanism brought upon more materialistic concerns, such as wealth and power for its citizens.…show more content…
Religion seemed to take a backseat during this time, with a more secular view at the forefront. A prominent figure in humanistic renaissance literature was Francesco Petrarch, who believed that classical writings could be used as a guide in the formation of more humanistic works. This is evident in Petrarch’s work, the Canzoniere. This collection of 366 poems were focused on aspects of love, particularly with respect to his wife, Laura. Another example of humanism in Renaissance literature is observed in Niccolo’ Machiavelli’s The Prince. This form of literature is considered a materialistic study in politics. This work of the betrayal of modern ideas is in direct contrast from the traditional church teachings, particularly the Catholic Church. Another profound example of the humanistic focus during the renaissance era is the Praise of Folly, written by Desiderius Erasmus. This philosophical work was a direct attack on the traditional religious exploitation. The Praise of Folly was only outsold by the Bible, which give credence to its popularity and astound importance during the
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