Relationship Between George And Lennie In Of Mice And Men

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Throughout the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George and Lennie travel together, with George attempting to control and parent Lennie. Lennie is not mentally capable to stay out of trouble, so he ends up killing animals, and eventually a person. Finally George decides to take Lennie 's life, because it would make his own life easier. Needing someone or something is when a person or thing is necessary to someone/thing else. Selfishness is acting driven by oneself ' needs and wants as motives. George acts selfishly toward Lennie, killing him only because he didn 't want the burden of Lennie 's actions. To George, Lennie is just someone that he can use for his entertainment, which is selfish because he is only acting with his own entertainment,…show more content…
George is playing a game of cards with Slim, and they are conversing. After George was inquired about traveling with Lennie, George continues on to make a confession. George says that he "used to play jokes on 'im 'cause he was too dumb to take care of 'imself. I had fun. Made me seem God damn smart alongside him." George says he liked playing tricks because it was fun and it made him feel smart which shows he cares only about his own life and image instead of caring about the effects of his actions on Lennie. George 's actions are selfish because he is motivated only by his own needs and wants. Before then, when George and Lennie were arguing, George says, "I wish I could lock you up with about a million mice an ' let you have fun." Instead of caring about Lennie 's conditions, he would just u thoughtfully put Lennie in a cage with some mice. George is selfish because he only cares about living trouble-free, and having fun at the expense of Lennie; devoting his energy to tending only to what he wants, not

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