Analysis Of Lennie In Of Mice And Men

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Pages One to Fifty: The book opens with a lengthy description of where the beginning of the story takes place. We are then introduced to Lennie and George, and we soon learn that they are headed towards a Ranch to find work. We then learn of Lennie’s obsession with mice, and how his love for them always ends up with them dead, either to stress, or Lennie killing them himself. George is repulsed by this, but always knows when Lennie has one in his possession, which hints that the two have a very close relationship. It also becomes clear that Lennie suffers from some kind of mental illness, as he is forgetful, depends on George, and has the mentality of a child, however, the immensity of his disability isn’t known, as he is able to complete tasks that George asks him to do, such as collecting wood for the fire. Lennie’s disability also puts a lot of stress on George, which becomes clear in the first few pages. He is quick to snap on Lennie, but knowing of his disability, he is also quick to apologize, in his own way, of course. It is then revealed that Lennie’s obsession with all things soft has gotten him and George in hot water. One particular incident featured Lennie stroking a woman’s dress, because he enjoyed the softness. The woman confused this for attempted rape, and when she jolted back to escape his grasp, Lennie held on, she threw a fit, which lead to Lennie and George hiding, or rather George hiding Lennie, from police officials. George has sudden outbursts towards Lennie a lot, which is realistic, because it is hard living with a person who suffers from any form of mental illness. It’s a struggle, but George is willing to live with Lennie, and point him in the right direction, however, George does succumb to ... ... middle of paper ... ...ctantly follows after them, but not before pointing them in the wrong direction. Lennie, at the brush, begins to hallucinate, first of his aunt, who berates him for being a failure and not listening, and then an over sized rabbit, who puts him down. Then, after calling for him, George exits the brush, and reassures Lennie that he won’t leave him. Pages 100-107: George and Lennie have a final conversation, they talk about their dream, the acres they were going to own, the rabbits, all of it. George has Lennie look towards the stream away from the brush, and as he does, George slowly raises a gun to the back of Lennie’s head. Hesitantly, he pulls the trigger, and Lennie dies instantly. The other men soon arrive after hearing the gun shot, and Slim leads George towards the highway, and keeps telling him that George had to pull the trigger.

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