Reflective Essay: Non-Traditional Artifact Differences

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345 words

The article that I have chosen for this week is another non-traditional assessment. The artifact that I have chosen is a section of the board that the students do calendar on and learn about their colors. After the students do the days of the week, they move on to calendar. During calendar, the student teacher guides the students to call out the date and calls on specific student to give the date. Some students use assistive language devices so those students use the program on their Ipads to say they date back. Then the students move on to colors. The teacher points to each color on the board and calls on a student to say the color. This may seem so easy and that it isn’t an actual assessment, but for this population of students, it actually takes quite a bit of time and they are really testing their skills. I feel that this artifact is valuable because the student do get a lot of practice and knowledge from doing the activity and the teacher is able to assess them without a formal worksheet. Most students would not be able to fill out a formal worksheet seeing most of the student can’t wright, spell, and even have a hard time holding a pencil. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the artifact that they chose for this week is a section of the board that students do calendar on and learn about their colors.
  • Explains that this artifact connects to learning differences because the student are all different ages and have very different abilities, but this assessment allows them all to participate.

This artifact also relates to this class because it is a type of an assessment, but it is more of a formative assessment than a summative assessment. Summative assessments are much harder to do in a classroom of this sort. This artifact also helps me as a future educator because it allows me to see the kinds of assessments that I can use for all abilities. It is very beneficial to see the way lesson plans and assessments can be altered and adapted for all types of student, which is very important in my scope of education, and my further

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