Reflection Paper On Learning Styles

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There are almost as many individual learning styles as there are students in schools. Everybody learns in a different way and their learning styles do not always align with their teacher’s teaching style. The best way to vary how you learn and absorb information is to take many different classes. This will ensure variety among the teaching styles that you experience because no one teacher will teach in the same way as another one. Knowing your learning style is important to your success as a student regardless of the learning environment you are in.
I have a very interesting learning history because I have had experience in multiple types of learning environments and with different teaching styles. I have been in public school, homeschooled,
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The first test that I took was the LEAD, and I had a very close score between visual and auditory. I agree with the visual score but strongly disagree with the auditory learning score because I always need to see something to understand it. For example, I am able to completely understand any math problem that I am given as long as I have been shown an example of the same type of problem first. The main reason I have a hard time comprehending concepts in my math class now is that the teacher will only talk about how to solve a problem rather than write anything on the blackboard. One of the reasons I may have difficulty with this type of teaching style is that I do not understand the terminology being used and thus get confused about concepts that I would otherwise understand…show more content…
This theory is based around a student’s internal motivation to learn rather than being motivated through external circumstances (Cassidy 989-1000). The learners in this theory are more focused on actually understanding the material they are being taught rather than just keeping their grades high. Self-regulated learners go through a process of self-reflection whenever they are learning new content. They are constantly checking in with themselves to make sure they understand the content being taught as well as realigning their thoughts if they drift to a different subject. I believe that I am a self-regulated learner because I am motivated to truly learn rather than just receive good
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