Reflection Paper On Disobedience

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One believes that faith in Jesus Christ is needed because Jesus Christ is going to be faithful to His calling. Jesus is the Word of God, and God said, when He send out His Word, it will perform what He sent it out to do., Iit will not return void. Jesus is our salvation and must be faithful to His calling. Even when His flesh is crying out, it want to give up and quit, the spirit of God that is
Within him cry out not my will but your will be done. .
Wright wrote that God is a just God and know that balance is a vital (p.53).There are righteous people and unrighteous people;, something must be
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A God who can make us do whatever He wants us to do, but no, He gives us a choice in the matter. Not only does he give us a choice, He even protects the choice we make. If we choose to be disobedience and go to hell, well it is our choice. God says it is His will that no man shall perish, but hell has enlarged itself because of man. Mankind should humble them self and reap the goodness of our lord. Man is the only one of God’s creation that is disobedience to the Word of God. We put Jesus to an open shame, after He came and saved us from our sins. Jesus was so faithful that he even loved them that were crucifying Him. Jesus is God and God is Jesus, this why I chose the title that I did. Jesus had to be faithful to His mission, even though He had to die for those who hated Him. He loved the world that much; He saw there was no covering for the people that turned away from sin. Jesus being a just a just God, knew there had to be a new covenant. Being a just God, balance would be vital, so He rained on the just as well as the
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