Reflection Paper On Court Observation

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The federal government of the United States is a very complex job that is overseen by three different branches; the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches. Each different branch serves all different functions, but work collaboratively to reflect the views of our United States Constitution. The federal government is designed to serve the people and ensure that the law is followed at all times. Throughout the semester, I have had the pleasure of witnessing how the Judicial branch of government works with my internship at the Rhode Island 6th District Courthouse on Dorrance street, in Providence, Rhode Island. My most recent court observation was on March 31st, 2016 and took place in courtroom 4C. I like being assigned to do court…show more content…
In one Pawtucket case, a seventy two year old woman was charged with fraud, larceny over $1500, forgery/counterfeiting, and carrying pistol without a license. The judge called her name early in the day and she was not present in the courtroom at the time. Due to her medical conditions and her public defender being present at the time, the judge did not issue a warrant for her arrest and allowed for her public to defender to make a phone call to her to find out where she is located. After a few hours went by, the woman finally showed up to the courtroom and she put on a very nice show for the judge. After being read all her charges, she chose to give a speech about the shirt she was wearing, which stated on it “Mr. Bin Laden, Your party is waiting for you are gate B32.” The elderly woman stated that she was wearing this shirt because this man killed members of her family and she believes it was the worst thing that has ever happened to her. I found it to be very off topic and out of the blue for her to give a speech about this and I do not think I will ever encounter another person like her in my entire life. The public defender even looked confused as to why she chose to even mention it all to the
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