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Project Schedule and Risk Management:
Project schedule and risk management are some of the most important components of project management. These components play a crucial role in project planning, which is a process used to organize various areas of a project such as workloads and management of the project team. Project schedule basically refers to a listing of the activities or tasks, milestones, and deliverables of a project that includes the expected start and finish dates. In essence, a project schedule is a tool that provides information about the tasks to be carried out, required resources to perform these tasks, and the timeframes in which each task will be completed (“Project Scheduling”, n.d.). Risk management is a process through which a project manager and team predicts risks, estimates impacts of these risks on the project, and describe reactions to these issues. This process usually involves the preparation of a risk management plan or outline in order to accomplish these goals. In attempts to avoid the evaluation becoming stale and failure to reflect actual probable risks of the project, risk management plans should be reviewed periodically by the project team.
Project Schedule:
One of the most important aspects to consider when developing a project schedule is all the work that needs to be completed. The need to identify the tasks to be completed before developing the project schedule is because the schedule should reflect all these tasks and their expected delivery time. In addition, a project schedule is an important document because the project unable is relatively unable to communicate the complete effort based on cost and resources for the project without a complete and full schedule. The significan...

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...g metrics and performance indicators, conducting security-awareness training, and integrating the risk management plan and the organization’s change control procedures. The outputs of the project risk team include documenting an effective risk management plan, integration of the plan with the organization’s objectives, and helping in risk management processes.
In conclusion, project schedule and risk management are important aspects of project management because of the role they play in determining the implementation and effectiveness of a project plan. Project schedule is a multi-faceted plan that provides deliverables and the timeframe for accomplishing each deliverable or task. On the other hand, risk management helps in promoting effective implementation of the project through helping in identification of risks, their impacts, and measures for handling them.
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