Reflection Of Novels In Jane Austen's Novel Northanger Abbey

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Jane Austen’s novel, “Northanger Abbey” was written in 1797-98 and wasn’t published at London after her death in 1818. The novel is about a teenage girl, never been far away from home, Catherine goes on an adventure to Bath, unexpectedly ending up falling for Henry Tilney. Invited by the Tilney to visit their home at Northanger Abbey, Catherine became uneasy with an mystery instinct, like the mystery novels she read, of General Tilney, Henry’s father, possibility hiding dark secrets of neglecting his wife and caused her death. Investigating alone, Catherine sees life like the novels she reads, was shocked to learn the truth and realize life isn’t like the novels she reads. Literature, specifically novels, serves an important guide for Catherine…show more content…
In chapter 14, during the walk with Catherine and Eleanor, Henry expresses a great pleasure when reading Mrs. Radcliffe’s works that included The Mysteries of Udolpho that Catherine is reading. He adds on, “I am proud when I reflect on it, and I think it must establish me in your good opinion.’ that demonstrates he reads novels but he reflects on it. Catherine continues to speak of whether the book is the nicest book and Henry complains the word “nice” is a personal opinion and everyone reflects on their reading different. This shows Henry acknowledges there there’s a different point of view of reading. However, Catherine thought everyone sees the novel or reality the same way as she does when she ask that. In order to understand why Catherine is this way, two questions will be answered in the following passages: How Catherine is seeing the reality and What lead Catherine to think of reality this…show more content…
However, the Austen explains when she learn the fable of ‘The Hare and Many Friends’ faster than any other girls in England. According to black country bugle user, Beggar’s Petition is about a poor old man lamenting about sorrow from losing his close ones and his farm that lead him went from owning great house and servants to now he’s a beggar for shelter and heaven’s blessing ("The Brierley Hill Curate). The Hare and Many Friends by Aesop is about Hare asking friends to help her escape from a hound but end up realizing they just claims to be her friends (Aesop). This shows since young, Catherine has a preference in literature and learns at a different pace. Instead of learning from the people in Beggar’s Petition, she learns unrealistic animals. Her mind of reality is supported by unrealistic fables that shapes her thinkings of reality differently. That’s also why she learns at a different pace with others. This later on will impact her interpretation between fables and
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