Aesop’s Fables

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Aesop’s Fables Introduction: I already know a good amount about the Aesop’s fables before doing any real research. Almost everyone as a child was introduced to the stories such as “the boy who cried wolf” or “the tortoise and the hare”. As a child many adults would read these stories to me because they have a very strong moral. It can guide children to do the right thing when they are in doubts. I have a very personal experience with the tortoise and the hare because since I am a tennis player, my coaches would always mention these stories in regarding to practice and how we should be playing. This actually taught me a lot and made me the player I am today. I know that all fables are made up so that they can teach a life lesson/moral to kids to help guide them through life and that is the exactly what happened to me by reading fables as a child. I am writing this paper to be able to have a better understanding of what fables represent and to be able to look deeper into the story than just the pictures and text. Many people just read these stories without getting the full grasp of what the story was meant for. After wright this paper and doing my own research, I hope to be able to analyze the text and get the full grasp of the fable a bit better. Stories are so important to us because there is a bigger picture of what you are just reading. And these stories are filled with great morals that can really help a person through there life. So not only are they a way of entertainment but also a sort of bible. Stories have had a great impact on my life. Because I was reading these stories at such a young age, these moral are established in me automatically and make me the person that I am today. Search: There were many steps I had to take... ... middle of paper ... make huge contributions to society. When I was a little boy and reading these stories, I remember them changing the way I view things and I know there are probably millions of other people like me doing the same thing and that is impacting our world in a positive way Works Cited Page “Aesop” Litfinder contemporary Collection Gale, 2007. Littfinder. Web 19 December 2013 “Anderson, Hans Chirstian (1805-1875).” Discovering World history. Online and Detroit Gale. 2003. Junior reference collection. Gale. Winter Park High school. 13 Nov. 2009 Chestern, GK “Introductioin to Aesop’s Fables” the Chesterton Review Feb/May 2001 XXVII 1 &2 (2001) 17-20 Print “Fables” Aesop’s Fables. Aesop’s fables online. 19 December 2013 Tangled. Dir. Roy con Perf Mandy Moore and Zachary Lev. Walt Disney Pictures. 2010 DVD Viallaneix, Benjamin. Personal Interview 4 January 2014

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