Reflection: Motivation And The Human Dimension

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Motivation and the Human Dimension In any organization, the desire to earn a salary will automatically push employees to show up for work (Barry et al., 2016). However, the theory of organizational behavior asserts that employees need to be motivated in order to perform to the best of their knowledge and ability. It is highly likely that employees today will be motivated in the event that they are able to see a clear link between the effort they put forth and the reward that the employee will receive afterwards. Such rewards must be seen as fair, and above all equitable. This is the only sure way to ensure that employees are inspired to work diligently. In order to achieve this goal, managers within the organization can motivate employees by setting realistic, achievable goals and measuring attainment. Achievement of these particular goals, can be set between the manager and employee. Once the goal is achieved, they employee should be appropriately awarded. This can be done either through recognition from the manager or financially. In this way, employees are motivated and efficient. Teams and Teamwork …show more content…

Emotions can be negative or positive. In many occasions, negative emotions are not beneficial in a working environment. To effectively manage emotions at work, the following steps will need to be put into consideration. First and foremost, there will be the need to teach all managers, as well as employees, to learn to accept and value emotions at work. It is not possible to prevent emotions, so one can only accept them and learn to manage the emotion. Having emotions at work is acceptable if managed well, it is our organization’s duty to provide training from professionals on how to handle challenges that can bring forth emotions. In the event that emotions are channeled correctly, feelings experienced at work can be a used as a great source of

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