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There comes a time in every modern day preteen’s life when they have to go through this traumatizing, dramatic, and awful experience called Middle School. It’s one of the more challenging transitions I’ve ever faced. We go through hormonal changes, class changes, freedom changes and overcome new experiences. Middle school is that place where they throw you to transition through that awkward stage. I find it to be absolute hell and a general pain. But it’s within all the hell, drama, trauma, pain and crap that we all take that prepare us for high school and lets us truly find ourselves. Let’s go way back to 2010 I had just gotten out of this excellent place full of effervescence, easy work, little people, racist people,
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In the beginning of the year we had a field trip to the bowling alley and since the other group left before us me and a teacher took his car and he took me to the wrong bowling ally and left me there for hours, my mom came and got me and she was furious and she basically “talked” to principal about it. Later around second quarter we found the lunch lines were way to long and the sandwiches were moldy and ice cold so we’d go upstairs and I had installed halo on every computer they had and we would sneak and just play halo until the bell, eventually we got caught by a teacher that was walking by and we all got I.S.S. This year I quit science Olympiad and because of more teacher drama I just didn’t care anymore. Nothing really exciting happened for the majority of the second to third quarter, but we all did get closer friends and we laughed joked around and it was great but teachers were horrible. In the end of third quarter I was sick of teachers accusing me of stuff so I stood out and did my own thing one day the teacher told me to move and I hadn’t done anything wrong and I pulled a Rosa Parks and didn’t move so she yelled and sent me to I.S.S. On my way out that day one kid said “ha ha bye” and I replied “F**K you!” so he told on me and I got written up twice that day and I dint really like that class that year by the end of that day I hated them even more. When I got in the assistant principal’s office I was surprised my old new P.E coach Mr. Jeeter was the assistant Principal and he lectured me on what I did wrong (frankly I knew what I did wrong and I just didn’t care). So he said “I have to call your parents” and with the world’s most not caring attitude I told him to tell him I said hi. By the end of the year all teachers hated me I knew every kid in seventh and eighth grade

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